Software: STsndplay
Stefan Berndtsson

This software is no longer being developed, and no support will be given

STsndplay is a program for playing all those old Atari tunes without the need for an actual Atari to play them.

Those who have been following will notice that this is exactly the same description as PSGPlay has. The concept is somewhat different though.

PSGPlay plays raw PSG data, which has been prepared in a somewhat messy format. STsndplay uses a different approach (and different song files), by instead emulating the Motorola 68000 CPU, and play the songs using the original Atari playback routine. The benefit from this is that I do not need specifications of the audio format, because the player already knows how to play it.

Currently supported things are:

  • 50Hz playback without extra features
Bugs, reliability, other crap This software has successfully been tested on:
  • Linux/ppc v2.4.0
  • Linux/x86 v2.2.14 (only sample generation tested)
  • Linux/sparc v2.3.99

This software has unsuccessfully been tested on:

  • Linux/alpha v2.0.36 (oCPUis doesn't seem to be 64 bit compliant)
Note that there are most likely loads of bugs and I will update the lists of working and nonworking systems as I get to know them

Download The actual player: stsndplay 2000-06-26
The PSG library: libpsg 2000-06-26
The CPU emulator: oCPUis 2000-06-26

All three packages are needed for stsndplay to work.

You can also get the latest versions from CVS. Information about this method can be found here.

Music Songs to play with the player can be found at the real SND Player homepage.

Contact Any problems (or compliments) can be sent to me