Software: about the CVS system.
Tomas Berndtsson

Most of our development is done to our CVS server, and this is therefore the best way to get the latest versions of our software. Just remember that the packages found on the CVS server are under development, and they are not guaranteed to work.

You are able to get our packages from anonymous CVS, but you can't make your own changes in the tree. If you have made changes that you think would help us in our development with any package, please feel free to mail our development mailing list Please read the homepage for the specific package first.

To check out packages from our CVS server, follow the simple instructions below.

Login on the server with:
cvs -d login

using an empty password, i.e. just press return. You only need to do that once. To get a package, use:
cvs -d checkout ofbis

This will download oFBis for you. You do updates by entering the package folder and use:
cvs update -dP

For more information read the documentation for CVS.

The packages we currently have on our CVS server are:
ofbis otosis oaesis ovdisis fbview httptunnel psgplay juke zen a386 shoe oCADis

In case you don't have the CVS program, we make daily snapshots of the CVS tree, at 2am CET. These are pure packaged versions of a checked out package from the CVS, and are in tar.gz format. They contain the CVS directories so it is possible to run cvs update after uncompressing the file. These snapshots are placed at

If you are interested in following every little detail, we have set up a mailing list which will send out all updates which are made to all the modules on our CVS server. The list is called