Random picture: People trying to solve the puzzle that Christer got as a present.

Christer's birthday 1998
People trying to solve the puzzle that Christer got as a present.


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a386 | Debian GNU/MiNT | dsp56k | fbview | httptunnel | Invaders | Neo | Juke | Linux/a386 | MP2Audio | oCADis | oFBis | OSIS | pack-ice | binutils for PDP-11 | psgplay | Shoe | STsndplay | supdup | VCDpad | Zen

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Ever since the beginning, NoCrew has coded demos and useful programs. Beginning with the Atari computers, some of us mostly made different demos and utilities. Look at the past productions page. Now, most hacking efforts are concentrated at the Linux area. All software by NoCrew is licensed under GPL, GNU General Public License. It's a fast spreading license which in short means that you can redistribute and/or modify the software anyway you want. #

a386  A C programming library which provides a virtual machine, an abstraction of an Intel 386 running in protected mode.
Debian GNU/MiNT  The Debian GNU/MiNT project aims at providing the latest versions of the most commonly used programs. Based on Debian GNU/Linux.
dsp56k  A character device for the Motorola DSP56001, a fully programmable 24-bit digital signal processor found in Atari Falcon030-compatible computers.
fbview  An image viewer for Linux consoles, using the oFBis library.
httptunnel  Creates a bidirectional virtual data path tunnelled in HTTP requests.
Invaders  A Space Invaders game for Linux that uses the NEO graphics library. It's a quite simple game so don't expect to much.
kbredir  A suite of keyboard redirection programs.
Neo  A direct graphics library for Linux which also contains sound, keyboard and joystick interfaces.
Juke  Juke is a simple curses/ ncurses based juke box program for Unix computers.
Linux/a386  Linux ported to a386.
MP2Audio  The mp2 player is a stand-alone program available for the Atari Falcon compatible series of computers. It is designed to decode MPEG audio layer 2 data streams.
oCADis  A 2D CAD system for Linux, based on GTK.
oFBis  The oFBis library is a framebuffer graphics library, containing some simple drawing routines for framebuffer devices.
OSIS  The OSIS project was at first a project for making it able to run existing TOS/GEM applications in Linux/m68k.
pack-ice  A suite of PACK-ICE-compatible file compression utilities.
PDP-11 support for GNU binutils  This is a patch to GNU binutils version 2.10 to add support for PDP-11 machine code and 2.11BSD binary file formats.
psgplay  PSG Player is a program for playing all those old atari tunes without the need for an actual Atari to play them.
Shoe  Shoe is a Scheme driver written by Fredrik Noring. It aims towards R5RS compliance. Many features are implemented, as well as a few extensions.
STsndplay  STsndplay is a program for playing all those old Atari tunes without the need for an actual Atari to play them.
supdup  An implementation of the SUPDUP protocol.
VCDpad  This is simply a program to pad vcd mpegs so that they can be used by mkvcdfs which is part of the package vcdtools.
Zen  Zen is a web browser with exchangable user interface, to suit all needs for all kinds of users.