Welcome to #nocrew World Tour 1

#nocrew was once a blooming, lively IRC channel, populated by NoCrew members and a number of friends to them, from all over the world. At the end of 1996 someone, I think it was lars, came up with the idea of having a camera sent over the world to capture the faces of all the regulars on the #nocrew channel.

Well, it was decided and lars got a camera, took pics of the guys that lived nearby and sent it off. During its long trip we kept a log that went along with it. You can read the log here, as unformatted text.

And now, enjoy the pictures...

Stefan with coke bottleJan 23 1997
MattiJan 23 1997
Lars with juggling ball and banana cakeJan 23 1997
Rojo with budda in the backJan 23 1997
Jonas with stefan and ldw in the bgJan 23 1997
Baggio after a boring week in the armyFeb 1997
Reddie (Skarphedin Krummafotur)March 1 1997
Tomas has found his home!March 8 1997
Noring on his bike in full speedMarch 8 1997
Teemu at fishpoolMarch 12 1997
Flinny on the TV, sort ofMarch 28 1997
Mark in front of his roomMay 31 1997
Dave in loungeroomJuly 8 1997
Martin in back yard, springtime in .auNov 21 1997
Melissa and RatbabyFeb 10 1998
Ziggy with his catFeb 13 1998
Karen in Westin Plaza Atrium downtown IndianapolisAug 29 1998