VCDpad Huh? This is simply a program to pad vcd mpegs so that they can be used by mkvcdfs which is part of the package vcdtools.
An alternative to mkvcdfs is the program vcdimager which reportedly works better for some DVD players, that are picky about the layout of the iso filesystem.

Changes Most of the program has been rewritten to detect mpeg frames in a far more useful manner. It should now only skip frames when they are too large to fit. Download vcdpad-0.7.tar.gz
Old versions vcdpad-0.2.tar.gz

vcdpad [input.mpg [output.mpg]]

If filenames are not specified, vcdpad will use "input.mpg" for input, and "output.mpg" for output.

Bugs? Most likely, there are many of them. Report them to me.