PSGPlay What? PSG Player is a program for playing all those old atari tunes without the need for an actual atari to play them.

This project is somewhat dead due to lack of specifications to complete it. Instead another similar project has been started which will not require these specs, but rather emulate the atari hardware itself. This project has no functioning version of any kind yet. Whenever something exists, it will be announced on the News pages.

Actually, it isn't even somewhat dead, but completely dead, now that my other project has taken form. STsndplay plays songs in a much more logical way, by emulating the original system, and using the real original player.

This software has successfully been tested on:

Download Latest released version is psgplay-0.6.tar.gz
CVS Information about this method can be found here.
Music Songs to play with the player can be found here, or you can download tunes.tar.gz (about 6M in size) which contains the entire hierarchy.