Thanks to
This is a list of people that have helped me developing oCADis. My thanks goes to:
  • Tomas Berndtsson for making me use CVS and has given me some ideas and comments about oCADis. He also provided a bugfix for colours and helped me with automake/autoconf.
  • Martin Budsjo for making comments and suggestions of improvements for oCADis.
  • David W. Gray who pointed out errors in the automake/autoconf (my fault, not Tomas!).
  • George Farris wrote and remarked on the homepage.
  • Daniel mailed me a list of bugs and gave me suggestions how to solve them. Thanks!
  • Miloslav Cempirek fixed the elliptical arc. It now follows the mousepointer nice when selecting the end-angle. Responible for the creation of circles with TTR/TTT methods.
If you are not listed on this list and feel that you should, please do not hesitate to contact me! And if you are listed on this list and don't want to be, contact me and I'll remove you ASAP.