These are some screenshots showing how oCADis looks like in action:
  • Digitizer. This is a drawing of a digitizer that I have drawn. It was not particularly hard to draw and contains mostly of lines. Everything is on one layer.
  • Circuit. This is a circuit that I found in a book. In this drawing I have used the possibility to have different types of layers. For example, I have one layer for the components and one for the wires.
  • Buss. The hatching in this drawing was done manually with a rotated grid and the command trim.
  • Multiple drawings. Just a screenshot to prove that you can have more than one drawing opened at the same time. But you cannot yet move objects between them.
  • Layers. This is the dialog for handling layers.
  • Linestyles. This picture demonstrates the Linestyle dialog.
  • Dimensioning. And finally, this picture demonstrates oCADis dimensioning-capabilities.
  • oCADis 2. This screenshot is a teaser for oCADis 2 that is currently under development.
If you have made a nice picture of oCADis in work please send it to me and I will gladly add it to this list.