oCADis has now all the basic drawing objects implemented: line, arc, circle and more. What is still missing are the more advanced objects like blocks, hatches and attributes. And do save your drawings often.

  • Objects: Line, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, Poly line, Guideline (ray or construction lines), Elliptical Arc, Text, Point, Spline and more. Blocks with attributes.
  • Dimensions: Vertical, Horizontal, Radius, Diameter, Notes (leaders), Baseline, Continue, Angular.
  • Construct commands: Copy, Offset, Mirror, Array, Chamfer, Fillet
  • Modify commands: Move, Rotate, Stretch, Scale, Trim, Break, Erase
  • Object Snap: Endpoint, Midpoint, Center point, Insertion point, Tangent point, Running mode
  • Digitizer: Only support for Cal Comp 2500 (not via XInput!) (currently not fully working)
  • Misc.: Unlimited numbers of layers, colours and linestyles. Unlimited userdefined linewidth. Multiple drawings at the same time. Able to drag (==copy or move) objects between drawings. Background redrawing (you can continue working while oCADis is redrawing). Calculate expression (like 10*10+4). Handling variables (good for scripts). Scripts. Toolbox. Dialog for editing object(s) properties.
  • Keyboard: Absolute and relative polar/rectangular co-ordinates. Command prompt. Autocompletion for command prompt (use tab to complete a word).
  • Drawing Help: Snap and Grid (scalable, rotatable and user defined base point), Ortho
  • View: Normal zoom-functions (window, all and more). Panning with middle mousebutton.
  • Export: PostScript.
  • Import: Mapgen (just for fun).
  • Features I have forget to write down comes here.

Currently working on
  • HPGL (export)
  • DXF (import and export. Importing is almost working!)

  • Bug fixes
  • Learn CVS :-)
  • Hatching
  • Undo/Redo
  • Part library

Still missing (or todo the next 10 years)
  • Not all commands are available for all objects.
  • Better and bigger manual or at least a small tutorial.
  • Nice(r) oCADis-logo (anyone?)
  • GNOME-support
  • Make interface with Glade.