Tested on
Works on:
  • Linux/x86, XFree
Works on (after some work):
  • Solaris 2.6, Ultra 5, gcc (Thanks, David!)
Please note me if you managed to get oCADis to work on your, not listed already, machine. Also send me patches that you did to make it work.

To be able to compile oCADis you need to have the GTK libraries of version 1.2.x installed on your computer. You also need to have installed gmake, automake and autoconf. For more info about how to actually install and compile oCADis please read the file INSTALL that comes with the sources.

The current version number of oCADis is 0.4.1.

The most up-to-date release of oCADis can be found at our CVS-server. If you do not have CVS we make nightly snapshots of the sources.