Software: Future productions.
Tomas Berndtsson

Linux68000 (Atari STe), Linux6502 (Atari 130XE and maybe C64), LinuxZ80 (ZX Spectrum), and LinuxU5000 (Unisys U5000/35).

The ultimate relational database.

Yet Another Raytracer (and then one more, and then...).

APELSINJOS - APplication Evironment Living in a Seriously Intuitive 'Nterface running Janderz Operating System (a new revolutionary real graphics user interface).

TYPOS - Tomas Ytterligt Perfekta OperativSystem. (Thanks CG for the name.) An OS based an a microkernel with AI. Where does your OS want to go today?

A realtime DSP MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 decoder.

A seven part demo suite based on the seven deadly sins. In true NoCrew spirit, we'll start with sloth.