SITI - The Search for Intraterrestrial Intelligence

While the SETI project is spending their time on searching for intelligent life on other planets in the Universe, which is indeed a noble project, we have come to the conclusion that we first need to find intelligent life on our own planet, the Earth.

We believe this to be a much more time consuming and difficult task than the SETI project. Through the thousands of years human kind has walked the surface of the Earth, there have been far more proof of stupidity and fools than that of intelligent life. However, we do believe that there is intelligent life somewhere on the Earth, even if it would be in some unreachable place for the common people. The population of our planet is so large that the probability of intelligence in some of it is very likely. Myths and legends speak of great people in throughout the history, but we can't rely on such non-scientific sources of information. We need actual proof.

We cannot yet disclose the methods we have for this project. Neither can we present our results to the public at this point. Further into the project's time line, there will be more information about our progress and possible results, if there indeed is any intelligent life on this planet.

In the future, we hope to devel a way for you to help us in this project, in a sub project we'd like to call SITI@home.

Ideas and comments on the SITI project can be sent to the project coordinator, Tomas Berndtsson at


"And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space, cause there's bugger all down here on Earth."
Eric Idle, The Galaxy Song