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Print the string FOO on the terminal.

        TITLE   PRINT
A=1                             ;Symbolic AC names are defined

CHTTYO==1                       ;Channel for output
                                ;== means don't use this symbol
                                ;for symbolic typeout in DDT.

START:                          ;Open TTY channel.
                [.UAO,,CHTTYO] ? [SIXBIT/TTY/] ((SETZ))]
         .LOSE %LSFIL
        .IOT CHTTYO,["F]        ;Print F.
        .IOT CHTTYO,["O]        ;Print O.
        .IOT CHTTYO,["O]        ;Print O.
        .VALUE                  ;Halt program.

END START                       ;Tell MIDAS this is the end of the text
                                ;and specify the address to start execution.