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Separate Even-Numbered and Odd-Numbered Characters. Rubout Processing.

The following program accepts a line of input (terminated by carriage return) from the terminal and outputs the even (i.e., every second) letters followed by the odd letters. Also, we exhibit a subroutine for reading a line from the terminal with rubout processing.
        TITLE   EVEN ODD
A=1                             ;Symbolic AC names are defined.

CHTTYO==1                       ;Channel for output
CHTTYI==2                       ;Channel for input

PDLLEN==100                     ;Length of push down stack
PDL:    BLOCK PDLLEN            ;Storage for push down stack

BUF:    BLOCK 30                ;Storage for 79 characters at 5 per word.

                                ;Open TTY channels.
                [.UAI,,CHTTYI] ? [SIXBIT/TTY/] ((SETZ))]
         .LOSE %LSFIL
                [.UAO,,CHTTYO] ? [SIXBIT/TTY/] ((SETZ))]
         .LOSE %LSFIL
L:      PUSHJ P,GETLIN          ;Read in an entire line.
        MOVE C,[440700,,LINBUF] ;Initialize byte pointer to fetch from the line
        MOVE B,[440700,,BUF]    ;Initialize byte pointer to store into BUF.
;Get odd-numbered character.
L1:     ILDB A,C                ;Get next odd-numbered char of the line.
        JUMPE A,L2              ;Zero byte => end of line.
        IDPB A,B                ;Store char in BUF.  Advance pointer first.
;Get even-numbered character.
        ILDB A,C                ;Get next even-numbered char of the line.
        JUMPE A,L2              ;Zero byte => end of line.
        .IOT CHTTYO,A           ;Output this character right away.
        JRST L1                 ;Keep going till we get a terminator.

L2:     MOVEI A,0               ;Store a terminating character (code zero)
        IDPB A,B                ;at the end of the string in BUF.
                                ;Now it is an ASCIZ string.
        MOVEI A,BUF
        PUSHJ P,OUTSTR          ;Call OUTSTR to output ASCIZ string
                                ;starting at address in A.
        MOVEI A,[ASCIZ /
        PUSHJ P,OUTSTR          ;Output a CRLF.
        JRST L

;Subroutine to read in a line and store it in LINBUF,
;checking to avoid running past the end of LINBUF.
;Discards the line terminator and leaves a null (zero) character
;in the buffer at the end of the string.
;Rubout cancels one character.
;Clobbers A and B.
GETLIN: .IOT CHTTYO,["*]        ;Prompt for input.
        MOVE B,[440700,,LINBUF]
GETLI1: .IOT CHTTYI,A           ;Read the character
        CAIN A,177              ;Rubout means cancel one character.
         JRST GETLRB
        CAIN A,^M               ;Carriage Return ends the line.
         JRST GETLCR
        CAME B,[100700,,LINBFE-1]       ;Don't store if buffer almost full.
                                        ;(Leaves room for one more char:
                                        ; the zero at the end)
         IDPB A,B               ;Any other character is stored in the buffer.
        JRST GETLI1

;Come here after reading the carriage return.
GETLCR: SETZ A,                 ;Store a zero to mark end of string - and make
        IDPB A,B
        POPJ P,

;Come here after reading a rubout.
GETLRB: CAMN B,[440700,,LINBUF] ;Is there anything to rub out?
         JRST GETLNL
        LDB A,B                 ;Yes => get back the char we are cancelling
        .IOT CHTTYO,A           ;and print it out so user can see it.
        ADD B,[070000,,]        ;To discard char, decrement the byte pointer.
                                ;First increase position by one byte (7).
        SKIPGE B                ;If byte pointer negative, position is 44,
         SUB B,[430000,,1]      ;so change it to position 01 in previous word.
        JRST GETLI1

;Come here after reading a rubout with nothing to rub out.
        PUSHJ P,OUTSTR          ;Just output a blank line.
        JRST GETLIN             ;Prompt again.

;Subroutine to output the ASCIZ string which starts
;in the word whose address is inA.  Clobbers A.
OUTSTR: HRLI A,440700           ;Make A into a byte pointer to fetch string.
OUTST1: ILDB B,A                ;Fetch next character of string into B.
        JUMPE B,CPOPJ           ;If it is the terminator, return.
        .IOT CHTTYO,B           ;Else output it
        JRST OUTST1             ;and loop back.

CPOPJ:  POPJ P,                 ;Return.

        END     START