Tomas Berndtsson,
lars brinkhoff,
Fredrik Noring,
nocrew labs


The Motorola DSP56001 is a fully programmable 24-bit digital signal processor found in Atari Falcon030-compatible computers. The dsp56k special file is used to control the DSP56001, and to send and receive data using the bi-directional handshaked host port.


A manual page has been written for dsp56k. Provided it is installed on your system, simply type:

man dsp56k

(Maybe an online-version should be available here?) An on-line version is available here.


A MPEG1 audio layer 2 decoder using dsp56k is available here.


The first version of dsp56k was developed in May 1996.



Work has been done to make a matrix device on the Atari Falcon030. The matrix controls the flow of the DMA, ADC, DAC and the DSP SSI interface. The matrix device driver was never finished - it is however needed by the MPEG audio decoder. You may download the driver here.

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