NoCrew History

This text is rescued from using a snapshot from 2007.

NoCrew has given thoughts about changing name to Nova or
VPSIFKB (Viktiga Personer Som Inte Far Komma Bort). About between
1989 - 1991 (Burgarden/Lundby (according to Stefan)). Laris version
of VPSIFKB is that Budda had a binder with that text, that meant
"Viktiga Papper Som Inte Far Komma Bort" (important papers that must
not disappear - papers became persons in NoCrews version).

The (almost complete) history of NoCrew,
edited by Rolf Johansson,


  TimeLord's GFA-demo (TimeLord was Jesper Carlssons handle).


  Rocco and CMT held a party around Ascendation day in Gothenburg,
  Sweden. At this party NoCrew was formed. The demo Whataheck was
  released during this party. NoCrew had a screen called "Oh No! No
  crew!" in it.
  Joining: Rocco, CMT, Budda, Stefan

  NoCrew arranged Atari ST nyårskonvent v90.1 (29/12 - 1/1 1990),
  Burgarden in Gothenburg. Budda fired three explosives in the
  schoolyard. NoCrew made a screen in The Carebears So Watt demo.
  Lars remembers a lot of stairs, and that he started a long-time
  raytraceing on someones computer. This party was arranged together
  with the swedish Atari Magazine AtariSTen.
  Joining: Rocco, CMT, lars, Stefan, Budda, Lari


  NoCrew attended (and helped arrange?) Atari Party in Falköping (28/9 -
  30/9) in Falkoping. Demo release: doc-balls-in-overscan by Noring, in the
  same contest as Omega with their plasma screen. Lars and Stefan had their
  own doc-balls-in-overscan-in-least-cycles-contest, and Lars won.
  Joining: lars, Stefan, Noring, Lari


  NoCrew attended TLT Convention in Uppsala (15/2 - 18/2).
  Electra won the demo contest.

  NoCrew held the party Göteborg NoCrew Konvent at Lundby Gymnasium,
  Gothenburg (29/3 - 1/4). Demo: Man-in-the-box by Lari and Pontus
  Lennartsson (relative to Budda), programmed in GFA Basic. Rocco was
  spotted here, maybe for the last time as a representative of NoCrew.
  Lars: Forsta partyt dar jag markte att alkohol smogs in.  Ofta sa var
  alkohol strikt forbjuden pa dessa sorts tillstallningar.
  Joining: lars, Stefan, Tomas, Lari, Rocco, Noring

  NoCrew attended TSC Summer Convent (13/7 - 16/7).

  NoCrew attended OUCH/Imagina/Infinity Party in Oslo, Norway (19/7 -
  22/7). Budda remember that the norwegians sold hot dogs in something
  that reminded him of warm dishcloths. It was in fact very thin bread.
  Joining: Budda

  Noring and Marcus Wenestam attended TCB/2LifeCrew in Haninge, Stockholm
  (1/11 - 3/11). About 280 attendants, Bitmap Brothers (Xenon) had plans
  on joining, but they never showed up due to a misunderstanding.
  Noring and Westin was probably the only representatives from NoCrew at
  this party. The demo contest was held in a big aula (surprise), with
  a floor that was heavy leaning. An Cool showed the demos from an ST with
  harddisk, all placed in the middle of the room. Noring remember Nick and
  Jas sitting above him and Wenestam, and all the walls in the school was
  painted in orange.
  Om ingen annan kan axla ansvaret för detta besök var det nog här
  jag och Wenestam representerade NoCrew.  Minns jag rätt fanns det
  ett demo i tävlingen som bara hade en enfärgad y-distande scrolltext,
  inte så hippt kanske.  Det fanns kanske värre exempel som jag inte
  kommer ihåg.
  Joining: Noring, Macus Wenestam


  NoCrew attended Brainless Institute Copy Party, Skovde (3/1 - 5/1).
  Bicycle pumps were sold here, which could be used as a weapon together
  with the corks that were sold too. About 370 visitors. Other groups:
  Electra, Sync, Omega, TCB and Unit17. Electra won the demo contest.
  150 bicycle pumps were sold. TCB had to sit with some Amiga group,
  that was equiped with chainsaws.
  Joining: Stefan, Budda, Tomas, Lari, Noring

  --- this bit is a mix-up of two Uppsala partys ---

  NoCrew attended Mega-Leif-Convention (16/4 - 20/4) in Uppsala.
  Omega won the demo contest, about 400 people came there.
  Noring was very close missing the train, after running with his
  computers trough the whole town. Lars remember all sitting in a large
  hall, playing Depeche Mode modules. Electra built a large castle
  using chairs. On the way to the party, Budda was driving the car and
  got stopped by the police. When they pointed out that the car lights
  was off, Budda replied: "ok... but where is this place?" and asked the
  way to the party. The policeman was so confused that he answered the
  question, and then Budda drove away. NoCrew visited Ahlens City for
  breakfast. All of them was so tired of Coke that they ordered milk.
  Joining: Budda, Lari, Stefan, lars, Noring, Matti

  Stefan was at a party in Uppsala with Budda, they were programming
  the scroll routine that was used in Omegasnake demo (much later).

  > uppd: Jag vet att jag var pa ett party i uppsala dar budda var med,
  > och satt hackandes pa scrollrutinen som langt senare anvandes i
  > omega-snake.

  Mer detaljer: Jag hade gjort en rutin for synclock.  Den ritade
  8 cykler breda pixlar pa en ST, wow.  Jag hade ritat en font,
  och Stefan gjorde ett snabbt GFA-hack for att satta farg pa den.
  Detta gjorde vi pa CCW Vasagatan.

  Pa partyt experimenterade jag med att gora en y-distande scroll-
  text i synclockgrafiken.  Av misstag rakade jag sabba timingen
  i synclocken sa att all grafik hamnade snett.  Det blev en riktigt
  bra effekt tillsammans med den distade scrollen.

  Matti var med, for han satt och ritade skuggorna pa en stor
  nocrew-logga.  Den fick plats i en overscan-skarm.

  Inte bara det. :)  Kommer du ihåg specialraytracern i GFA som
  skulle rita bilder till en kemibok?  Experimenten med optimal
  ljudåtergivning, medelst empiriska undersökningar via ett
  oscilloskåp?  Jag kommer inte ihåg hur det gick med dem sedan.

  Jag tycker också att det var två i Uppsala.  Andra gången jag
  var där kom jag ihåg en bensinmack jag såg första gången jag
  var där.  Ungefär så.

  Joining: lars, Matti (Electra's pary) Noring (both)

  [There are two possible parties in Uppsala, which one?
  Stefan was at one, but doesn't remember lars story...
  Could this please be straighten up, because the other Uppsala
  party was arranged by TLT (see above) in fabruary 1991]

  --- end of mix-up ---

  NoCrew attended Impulse Summer Party/Gurgelkvack (24/6 - 26/7),
  at Nösnässkolan, Stenungsund. Other crews: ICE, TLH, Crystalic, TFS/GRC,
  Aggression, Unnersal Coders, Exonic, Kruz, Toxic, No Ball Crew, Sync,
  Electra, Omega, and some small groups [source: Impulse RTA]. Electra won
  the demo contest and a rockband called Akmekop played during the party.
  Joining: Stefan, lars, Budda, Lari, Noring

  NoCrew attended The Party (23/10 - 25/10).
  [What is this? did NoCrew attend at all?]


  NoCrew attended TCC (The Computer Crossroad) in Gothenburg (29/5 - 31/5).
  A very large space for all the attendants to be in, at the largest
  exhibition centre in Gothenburg, Svenska Massan. Free entrance to
  Liseberg, though. Very noisy and probably the worst party of them all.
  There are pictures that I (rojo) took with my b/w camera. Any others?
  I think I had an article about this party published in SHN. The editor,
  Ulf Selstam, told me to delete the part where I wrote about alcohol at
  partys like this. He didn't want the parents to think that their children
  drank alcohol, which is indeed a nice thought even though they did. :)
  About 1800 people joined, according to sources.
  Joining: Stefan, rojo, Budda, Tomas, Ylva, Lari

  The party Motorola Inside (30/7 - 1/8) was held with the help of
  Impulse in Stenungsund. Electra bothered everyone by showing their
  new Archimedes with supervectors in 3D and Mandelbrot fractals.
  Omegasnake demo was released during Motorola Inside. The sound that
  the NoCrew-logo makes when hitting the Omega snake is in fact the
  sound that Buddas GFA Basic manual makes when closing it very hard.
  And the sound the worm makes is a non-oiled chair.
  During the Motorola Inside party, Lars bought an Atari Falcon 030. He
  was the first Falcon owner in NoCrew, with many more to follow later.
  NoCrew attended the sound contest, and did get in on third place.
  A release of Buddas over-worked sound equalizers and over-worked
  scrolling routines were made too. Four Falcon 030's were at the party.
  Excellence in art won the demo contest with TalkTalk. 57 people
  attended, not counting in the arrangers. It also rained for all three
  days. Attending crews: ICE, Omega, Electra, Sync, Excellence In Art,
  New Core, Exonic, IMPonance, TDS and some other people.
  Joining: lars, Stefan, Tomas, Lari, Janderz, Budda, Matti, Noring


  [Nothing happened this year? Unbelievable! :)]


  NoCrew attended Fried Bits 3 during easter.
  Mattis food: Start Musli and beer, and
  meatballs in strawberry cream. Janders and Matti also practised the
  "suck out" method for eating a banana. Pictures are available.
  A lot of people, mostly french and german, was bothered when NoCrew
  played telephone calls from Hassan records (Bundestag!). Stefan copied
  Linux/m68k 0.9.5 and started using it on his Falcon. In the years to
  follow, more and more members of NoCrew would migrate to Linux, becoming
  less attached to Atari machines in the process.
  Joining: Stefan, Budda, Janderz, Matti, CG

  NoCrew helped SAK with NAS95, at Samskolan in Gothenburg (16/6 - 18/6).
  Demo release: NoDemo was released. Since a disc crashed, noone has seen
  this demo.
  Joining: lars, Stefan, rojo, Budda, Tomas, Lari, Janderz, Noring

  NoCrew attended Aggressive II New Year Party in Finland (28/12 - 30/12).
  Fiskmås demo released by Noring. We got a second place, after DHS who won
  the contest. There was also a 4k intro that made it to the third place in a
  contest. Lars bought a Unisys with manuals on the way to the ferry. When all
  was to get in the car it was so full of manuals that one person had
  to walk besides the car. When the new year was a fact, NoCrew ate
  hamburgers at a McDonald's in central Helsinki. After the party, NoCrew
  visited Msk and WizTom.
  Joining: Stefan, Tomas, lars, Noring, Lari


  NoCrew attended Symposium in Germany (4/4 - 6/4).
  About 350 paying visitors, from that about 150 Atari owners.
  Lars was programming some line routines and debugging ICE's code.
  Two important things from the real-time article: First, Janderz
  talking about the pixel as a representation of a point.

  Eftersom pixeln ar avsedd att vara en represention av en punkt och
  per definition endast ar definierad i en enda punkt namligen punkten
  sjalv sa saknar den punkten en yta. Darmed sa ar punktens horn samma
  punkt som punktens mittpunkt och alltsa obefintlig.
  AntiLarsPixelHornpunkt-satsen by Franz Janderz.

  Jag haller inte med om att "pixeln ar avsedd att vara en
  representation av en punkt"! Ska fundera pa saken...

  Men eftersom endast pixeln ar en referens for oss att inse
  vaar begransning vad galler denna totalt indivduella
  uppfattning av universum so spelar den absolut ingen
  roll, forutom for vaar egna tillfredstallelse...

  And then, Matti about the toilets at the convention:
  Jag skulle ga pa toalleten men det var stangt. Det stod nagot skrivet
  pa en lapp (pa tyska... naturligt vis) som jag ,enligt NELSO11, tolkade
  till "Stangt pa grung av stadning. Anvand garna flickornas.

Joining: lars, Matti, Janderz. Mattis and Tobban (Techwave) from
ICE were there too.

NoCrew helped SAK with NAS96, at Kortedala Gymnasium in Gothenburg.
Impulse won the demo contest with "Bugs from outer space". Other groups
attending: ICE, Aggression, T.O.Y.S., DHS and IMPonance.
Joining: lars, Stefan, rojo, Budda, Tomas, Noring, Bolmis

NoCrew attended IMP3 during the summer. Matti couldn't be there,
because his car broke down.
Joining: CG, Lari, Prox, Lars

NoCrew attended IMP4 during New Years Eve.
Joining: Stefan, Tomas, lars, Lari


First official octal 10 year anniversary, in Bollebygd. Lars was juggling
with an axe, that dropped down on his head. It was only a small flesh wound.
Budda was responsible for the fireplace, and cried out "moore wood!" all of
the time. He was never satisfied with it.
Joining: Stefan, rojo, Budda, Tomas, lars, Lari (ajje/IMP)

NoCrew helped SAK with NAS97, at Lundby Gymnasium in Gothenburg
(13/6 - 15/6). Janderz bought an MPEG decoder with SCSI interface.
Joining: lars, Stefan, rojo, Budda, Tomas, Christer, Janderz, Lari, Noring,

NoCrew attended IMP5 during the summer. Matti's car was still out of
order, so he had to take the bus instead.
Joining: Tomas, lars, Christer, Lari, Matti
NoCrew attended SiliConvention during the easter holidays. The expression
"crazy juggling swedes" was invented, becuase NoCrew was very active
juggling. Lars was convinced to show his skills in juggling in the end of
the ordinary contests.
Joining: Stefan, Tomas, lars, Lari, Bolmsjo

In August, NoCrew visited Collioure. Lars, Christer, Elias and Eja
went there to a summer resident that Elias had.
NoCrew attended IMP6 during New Years Eve.
Joining: lars, Tomas, Lari


NoCrew released a 128 bytes demo: Plasma (29/5), by Tomas.

NoCrew attended IMP7 during the summer.
Joining: Tomas, Lari

NoCrew released a 128 bytes demo: Mandelbrot (1/6), by Tomas. The first of
all 128 bytes demos to be made, but it was released later. Done during IMP7.

NoCrew released a 128 bytes demo: Pyro (1/6), by Tomas.

NoCrew released a 128 bytes demo: Sierpinski (6/6), by Tomas.

NoCrew attended, and some of them helped out at NAS98 at IOGT-NTO
at Forsta Langgatan in Gothenburg (12/6 - 14/6).
Joining: Tomas, Matti, Bolmsjo, Stefan, Lari, rojo

NoCrew released a 128 bytes game: Pong (14/6), by Tomas and Matti. Most of
it was done during NAS98.

Parts of NoCrew visited Poland in July: Lars, Christer and Matti.

On the 24th of October, NoCrew on the web [] became
a part of The NoCrew art project. The project includes all written and
graphical material produced by any members, official or unoffical, of
NoCrew, and published on the web.
The reason for this was the swedish law, Personuppgiftslagen (PUL),
which made it illegal to put names on the web, without asking the person in
question first. The law does not apply for journalists and artists, and 
therefore, not the NoCrew pages that are part of an art project.

NoCrew attended IMP8 (IMP8000) during New Years Eve.
Joining: Stefan, Tomas, Christer, Janderz, Lari, Bolmsjo, lars

NoCrew attended the Error in Line party in Dresden, Germany (2/4 - 5/4).
Demorelease: Egodemo, showing the egoistic side of NoCrew with lots of
logotypes from around the world zoomed in on the characters that spell
the name NoCrew. We recieved a proud last place in the demo contest.
Joining: Stefan, Tomas, Matti

NoCrew released a 128 bytes demo: Bigscroll (25/5), by Tomas. This demo
was primarly released for the demo contest at EIL in Dresden, but really
released at this date.

First official decimal 10 year anniversary, in Bollebygd.
Joining: Stefan, Tomas, Christer, Janderz, Bolmsjo, Matti, ajje/IMPonance

NoCrew attended IMP9 (IMP112) during the summer.


Nocrew attended yet another IMParty in February (?):
Christer, Lari, Janderz, Rojo, Stefan, Tomas, Bolmsjö, Matti etc

Nocrew representatives (Christer, Janderz and Lari) toured Europe: Sweden,
Denmark, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, France and
Monaco in eight days.

The history of the members, how they met and what they were up to.

Matti Tanttari (Tatti/CMT)

Mikael Roukkolainen (Rocco)
 Rocco träffade Matti (och högst troligt Jesper mfl) Exakt var eller
 hur minns jag inte. Matti och Rocco snackade en del med TCB (Ange
 Kall). Jag tror att det var mycket Rocco som arrangerade de första
 När Rocco slutade koda började han istället arrangera Rave
 Partyn. Några av de större i göteborg höll han i. Det sista jag hörde
 om honnom var att han hadde tröttnat på Göteborg och skulle dra upp
 till stockholm där det var mer tryck på rave kulturen.

Tomas Berndtsson (NoBrain)
 Joined his brother Stefan at Vasagatan.

Stefan Berndtsson (NoName)
 Was at Vasagatan, came there helped by Marcus Wenestam, son of a
 father that worked at the same place Stefan and Tomas mother work,
 Pedagogen in Molndal.

Fredrik Noring
 Jag började i en parallellklass till Tomas i fjärde klass på
 Sintorpsskolan i Lindome.  Efter några år uppgraderade jag min

 Nej, nej.. vi gick ju faktiskt i samma klass upp till och med
 sexan.. sen gick vi i parallella klasser i hogstadiet och gymnasiet..

 Commodore 64 till en 520 ST med extern drive.  Ungefär då såg
 jag Stefans vertikala, blå-lila, scroll i STOS.  Några dagar
 senare var det torsdag och jag hängde med Tomas och Stefan till
 Klubben vid Vasagatan.  Där fanns resten av folket.

 hehe.. den, ja.. den var fin.. Peter Bark hette han val som tyckte
 jag skulle scrolla at andra hallet sen :)
 Jag tror jag kan ha kvar dem nanstans :)

 Under vasagatantiden, åtminstone i början, gjorde många av oss
 små hack till torsdagarna.  Jag kommer ihåg att jag och Stefan
 gjorde halvfärdiga skärmar ganska ofta.  Typ scrollar, distar,
 flygande bollar etc.  Lars hackade på sin overscanbild med
 Harrison Ford (svartvit lastbilscen från Indiana Jones and the
 Temple of Doom), en modulspelare (?), raytracerar (med
 tillbehör kring, typ gif-avkodare m.m.), linjerutiner osv.

 Och Stefan slapade med sin dator varje torsdag ett tag.. de som fanns
 pa klubben var val inte bra nog..
 Vi far ju inte heller glomma bort stunderna framfor Monty Python's
 flying circus :)

 Vad jag minns sa var det ofta Tomas som slapade. :)

 Lathet ar en dygd :)

Rolf Johansson (rojo)
 Joined in at Vasagatan, helped by Patrick Reinthal. Met Ylva and
 began to discuss the take-over of SAK and AtariMagasinet. We had
 similar ideas on how to make things work. This was at a time when
 things were dawning in the Swedish Atari Club, so we had to do
 something. I really got to know the NoCrew members when CCW moved
 to Forsta Langgatan. I think I talked mostly with Janderz and Lari.

Lari Kovanen (NoPoint)
 Came in touch with CCG at a computer exhibition in Gothenburg during
 fall 1989. Thought it sounded interesting and went to their Open House
 meeting. Noticed that they had Atari machines and started to come to
 theire Atari evenings where i met the rest of NoCrew and some other
 Atarians. Don't know when i became an inofficial NoCrew member, but i
 suppose it has to be when we decicded not to use the names VPSIFKB nor
 Nova but to stick with the NoCrew name.

 Btw. Budda released a demo in the name of VPSIFKB during an exhibition
 in Rövelunda.

 Yes, and you also told me that there were logotypes made for both
 Nova and VPSIFKB. Gimme, gimme... :)

Lars Brinkhoff
 Jag och Lari gick sjatte arsklass ihop och larde kanna varandra och
 varat gemensamma datorintresse.  1988 eller 1989 gick Lari med i CCG,
 och jag med lite senare.  Jag hade nyss skaffat ett modem, och ringde
 en del till CCGs BBS, The Ugly Bug.  Under hosten eller vintern 1989
 kom jag in pa en diskussion med Budda om raytracing och pratade lite
 om min raytracer som jag skrivit i GFA-BASIC 2 den sommaren.  Senare
 gick jag till CCGs torsdagsmote for atarianer.  Jag hade varit dar
 tidigare och visste vem Budda var.  Jag sa hej.  Budda vande sig bort
 fran skarmen han stirrade in i och sa hej utan att veta vem jag var.
 Jag sa: det ar jag som ar Lars Brinkhoff.  Budda sa: oh fan, ar det
 du?!  Sedan borjade jag folja med pa copy-partyn och blev allt mer
 nocrewiserad. :)

Martin Budsjo (Budda)
 Jag var med från början... Dvs..  När Rocco och Matti först grundade
 NoCrew, så kände jag dem båda. Rocco var klasskompis med mig från 5an
 eller något sånt. Antar att jag var den första inofficiella medlemen.

Martin (?) Tengklint (Tengus?)

Johan Bolmsjo (Bolmis)
 Jag var pa CCG, Vasagatan ganska länge innan de flyttade till Första
 Långgtan. Jag kommer ihåg att jag var med på Janderz och Buddas m68k
 assembler kurs och på den vägen är det. Jag tror aldrig någon har sagt,
 Nu Johan är du med i NoCrew, så något årtal har jag inte .

 Har har hållt en m68k assembler kurs? wow... Lea hit och dit.. :-)
 Fräckt vad mycket man kan glömma om en CPU.

Jonas Jarvoll

Jan-Anders Janson (Janderz)

Christer Gustavsson (cg)
 Janderz searched the file system at Dtek, Chalmers, for files named
 "*atari*'. When he found a few in my home directory he probably did a
 "finger @dtek | grep d2cg" and found which workstation I was logged in to
 because then he walked up to me and asked "do you own an Atari?". A
 couple of weeks later he convinced me to drop by CCW at Första
 Långgatan on an Atari evening.

 Var det inte någon som hette Marco (eller liknande) som eventuellt
 skulle vara med i NoCrew ett tag. Fast det var nog i den vevan som
 Rocco la av. Matti: kommer du ihåg hur det var med det?

 Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 15:57:15 +0200
 From: Marco Seiriö 
 Subject: eko från förr...
 Jodå, jag finns och lever. Var med och pulade med Rocco lite och
 hjälpte till med några av partyna i gbg. Tappade kontakten med honom
 när han blev mer intresserad av rave å sånt...Det sista partyt jag
 var på var nog i skövde ca 91 eller nåt.  Men sen flyttade jag till
 skövde och pluggade i nästan fem (!) år. Efter det har jag mest
 drivit egna företag i gbg. Först ett som hette Analog och sen Crepido
 nu senast... Har inte kodat (snyft) assembler på ett bra tag nu. Mest
 unix i div. varianter som gäller nu.
 Massa sköna minnen dök upp igen när jag hittade er sida :-) Har en
 del kul kort kvar på nåt party vi var på i stockholm sommaren
 89. Kommer inte ihåg vilka det var som fixade dock...
 Lev väl.


Datateknik, computer science. An institution at Chalmers University
in Gothenburg.

Large technical university in Gothenburg where Janderz, Lars and Christer
have studied. []

Computer Club West, computer organisation in Gothenburg where most of the
NoCrew members met. CCW was known as CCG (Computer Club Gothenburg) before
1990 or so. []

CCG, see "CCW".

The Swedish Atari Users' Association, Svenska Atariklubben. Formed in 1985.
Some members of NoCrew is or have been members of SAK. SAK arranged the
Nordic Atari Shows in Gothenburg, and NoCrew helped them out a couple of
times with the convention parts. []