Meaning of characters:

N  - gwing2
      wide [x] radical no. 13
o  - hau2
      [1] [n] mouth [2] open end; opening [3] entrance; 
      gate (especially in the Great Wall or city walls) 
      [4] [n] person [5] a certain article (as a cistern, 
      a big jar, etc) [6] [n] edge or blade of a knife 
      [7] [n] crack
C  - hai2
      box [x] radical no. 23
R  - cek3
      [1] a Chinese measuring unit

      [1] [n] ruler; rule [2] used in combination

      a note in an old Chinese musical scale
E1 - saam1 saam3
E2 - gai3
      snout [x] radical no 58
W  - saan1
[n] mountain; hill; peak